Cat in the Hat

Its time for a little Halloween fun at Lemon Tree Snippets.  You don’t have to be Dr. Seuss to be inspired by this seasonal feline project.  All it took was a stack of fabrics in fun fall colors, a page from a coloring book, and a few sewing room tricks to make this little treat.  This project is for the Island Batik Pumpkin Fest tour,  but there … Continue reading Cat in the Hat

Getting Fancy with your Fibers

This was a fiberlicious weekend!  What I mean is that I had some time to explore the fabulous world of fancy fibers and glitzy threads.  As you can see in the picture below, I’ve managed to put together a very nice collection of specialty fibers, threads, beads, and couching materials.  I decided that it was time to explore the wonderful world of embellishing ~ I’ve … Continue reading Getting Fancy with your Fibers

There are no rules!

Whew!!!    I’m contented to say, with a bit of relief in my breath, that 2014 is over. It was a year full of new and exciting changes, welcome changes – I admit.  Most of the changes came about as a result of the resolution I made one year ago. Say YES! to new journeys to new adventures to new opportunities to new beginnings Just say … Continue reading There are no rules!

Thrillers, Spillers, and Fillers

Several years ago I attended a garden pond seminar hosted by a local Koi club that featured tips on maintaining a backyard garden pond.  As the guest speaker described how to maintain efficient levels of oxygen in the water he described using plants in 3 ways to make the most of the plants in the pond and in your containers.  I know, you’re wondering why … Continue reading Thrillers, Spillers, and Fillers

Picking up the Pieces

Last week the east coast got nailed by yet another day of snow. My office was closed and in essence we were snowed in again. By noon I had a pot of soup simmering and a dozen apple cinnamon muffins baked. My work in the kitchen was done for the day and I had time to go down into the sewing room and play. As … Continue reading Picking up the Pieces