Blame it on the Rain

I put away all of the holiday decorations and my kitchen was looking a little bare. I looked through my linen closet for something bright and cheerful to dress up the table, but there was nothing. I have quite a few table runners too, all quilted. I found one for summer, another for 4th of July, two for Fall, and a bunch Christmas. But there … Continue reading Blame it on the Rain

Passageways (Part 1)

A couple of years ago I saw a photograph at an art show that caught my attention instantly. The photo, Tunnelvision, by photographer Dado Molina, was taken at  Fort San Cristobal in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was drawn to the architectural elements, arches, and monochromatic color palette.  Dado’s image captures the texture of the structure, light and shadows of the interior passage, and the color and tones of the the sunlight reflecting through the … Continue reading Passageways (Part 1)

A Little China Blue

I came across these photos today – a quilt called China Blue. It is custom quilted on my APQS Ultimate II.  I did this one in 2007 but its a classic and worth bringing out to share.  This was a beautifully pieced top and was calling for a very special and custom quilt job.  The quilt top maker gave me creative license and said ‘Do … Continue reading A Little China Blue

Sewing Carefree Curves!

And SEW it Goes! It’s the end of September and the warm days are winding down. Before we know it, we’ll be working on those holiday quilting projects again. I spent the better part of my day going through a box of patterns. Some of these are from projects I’ve already finished, and others are for projects I have yet to start. For the most … Continue reading Sewing Carefree Curves!

Binding Agreement

I admit it ~ Binding a quilt is my least favorite part of making a quilt. There, I said it! Now that I’ve said it, I’m going to create a BINDING CONTRACT with myself. For the next 4 weeks I’m going to have a Finish-It Friday deadline.  By placing the details of the contract here, I am establishing a written agreement which I am obligated … Continue reading Binding Agreement

Finishing the Snowball Nine Patch

I spent some time last week finishing the piecing on the Firetruck commission quilt.  The quilt is for a baby and finished about 60 inches square.   The last time you saw me working on this one I was making the ‘Snowball’ blocks.  In this post you will see the method I used to make the nine patches that were placed with the Snowballs to finish … Continue reading Finishing the Snowball Nine Patch

Picking up the Pieces

Last week the east coast got nailed by yet another day of snow. My office was closed and in essence we were snowed in again. By noon I had a pot of soup simmering and a dozen apple cinnamon muffins baked. My work in the kitchen was done for the day and I had time to go down into the sewing room and play. As … Continue reading Picking up the Pieces