Count my Blessings Quilt

Hello!  Today is the final day of the Creative New Quilts blog hop.  This two week  hop, hosted by the Island Batik Ambassadors, has been such a breath of fresh air! I am just blown away with some of the creative projects I’ve seen. The hop features projects from Creative New Quilts and Projects from Precuts or Stash, by Wendy Sheppard.  You know, when I … Continue reading Count my Blessings Quilt

Getting Fancy with your Fibers

This was a fiberlicious weekend!  What I mean is that I had some time to explore the fabulous world of fancy fibers and glitzy threads.  As you can see in the picture below, I’ve managed to put together a very nice collection of specialty fibers, threads, beads, and couching materials.  I decided that it was time to explore the wonderful world of embellishing ~ I’ve … Continue reading Getting Fancy with your Fibers

I’ve Been Bit by the Beading Bug

I’ve been bit by the beading bug. I love to use beads, bugles and bangles on my quilts.    Sometimes I find myself at quilt shows hovering over baskets of beads at the vendor booths. I usually don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, and I don’t normally know exactly how I’ll use them once I bring them home.  I just know that I love them … Continue reading I’ve Been Bit by the Beading Bug