About me

patquiltAs an aritist, I am inspired by my experiences, people, and the world around me. My work expresses what I see in nature, in people, and in graphic elements of everyday objects. When I discovered quilting, I was excited to combine art and geometry and to explore texture through the use of fabrics and textiles. Sometimes I draw inspiration for new quilts from a photograph, a shadow or a color combinations of a magazine ad. I’m fascinated by light and shadow, and the effects you can create through the use of dark and light to create positive and negative space. Sometimes my work is about freedom of personal expression, while other times it is about making a statement about something I feel passionate about.

I love to work with bright, lively colors, and using abstract designs allows for the free flow of ideas and ease of construction. I love the drafting process and enjoy adding surprise elements for visual impact. I love to see how primary patterns can combine to create a secondary visual pattern. Metallic threads, beads, and yarns are creative embellishments that I have been using more often to add texture and surprise to my work. I love how they make a project pop!

I think, with each new project, my style evolves and expresses who I am. I am always trying to learn new techniques and work outside of my comfort zone. I hope to share my individual style in every quilt and to inspire a fresh outlook on the use geometry and color in textile design.

Creatively yours,


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Pat – Thanks for following me over at Snip-Itz – Little Notes from Whimzie Quiltz. Snippets, Snip-Itz… great minds think (almost!) alike, huh? And it’s not just our blog names, as I love bright colored quilts the most, too! Looking forward to following your blog also. Warm wishes, D

    1. Hi D. Yes – We are very like minded – for sure. Yes – I noticed the bright and colorful quilts in your amazing gallery. I look forward to seeing more fun and whimsical posts on your Snip-Itz blog too. Thanks for the follow.

    2. Hi Patti, what a nice surprise………you have been a busy lady, the site looks great, can’t wait to look at it more !! congrats, and love, Suzanne Braun

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