Power of Playful Piecing

Playful Paper Piecing

It’s play time!  The May challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors is Playful Paper Piecing.  The rules were pretty simple: Select any fabric  in the current collections, use either foundation paper piecing or English Paper Piecing, and create something playful.  The projects can be any size but the theme of ‘Playful’ was open to our interpretation.


So where do you begin when you have been challenged to do something this much fun?  I started with my stash.  My stash is like a playground to me; full of vibrant, colorful fabrics that call me out and encourage my inner child to play.  I selected the stack of blues and greens from the Island Batik Lavish collection. From my thread shelf, I found some Aurifil threads that would work perfectly with these island beauties.  The thread weight is perfect for hand sewing.


Normally, I would get cutting and sewing on the machine, but this month has been a little busy at work.  I’m on a technical writing team and we’re knee deep in a software rewrite. This means we’re creating user guides, training manuals, learning modules, and webinars to support a software release in June.  I’ve had  3 trips this month and been spending long hours in conference rooms and hotel rooms for most of the month.  So I knew I needed to find a road trip project that I could take along to help decompress.  I decided on making a pentagon ball and using English Paper Piecing, and I made myself a travel kit.


It worked out great!

I found time to sew on the plane. This was a great use of the tray table.


And at the picnic table while I was spending some time with my mom.

Can you tell I’m enjoying this?! It was very therapeutic.


And before I knew it, I was ready to take out the paper pentagons.


Unlike ripping out the paper from foundation piecing, it didn’t leave a huge mess.


I love it!   Every playful quilter needs something this much fun on their quilt shelf!

  This little ball is very much at home on the shelf with the bears and monkeys that look over me while I sew. Can you find the ball on the shelf?




5 thoughts on “Power of Playful Piecing

  1. love that little ball and it was fun watching you put it all together. You are right, much less mess taking out the paper than foundation piecing. Looks great with your bears too.

  2. I love making fabric balls for my kids, and the pentagon is SEW easy and fun that one section goes clockwise the other counterclockwise if you want 2 of each color 🙂 just borrowed AGAIN a fabric ball book from the library.

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