The Island Batik Ambassadors have been having a good time with our April Challenge. The challenge was to create a project using an April Showers theme.  We could include anything speaks April: rain, umbrellas, rain gear, spring, spring flowers.  You get the picture, right!   One of my favorite things in April are the Tulips, so I wanted to include a tulip in my project. The blue bird is a symbol of happiness, so she had to be included in this project too.



File Apr 29, 8 12 23 AM

I’ve always been a fan of Patrick Lose and decided to make a project from the book At Home with Patrick Lose and I found the block with the Cat and Tulip to be the one.  Actually, I think all of the projects in this book lend well to using batik fabrics. I might have to give some of these more consideration. There are just so many things I want to make and not enough time.


Next, it was time to select the fabrics for my project.  For this one I picked a Blue and Green batik from Island Batik from the London Fog collection, a Yellow from the Jersey Shore collection, and a Purple from the Sea Salt Sandy collection.  Not only do these fabrics coordinate really great together, they worked out perfectly in the Cat and Tulip project.

File Apr 29, 8 31 40 AM

This is the project coming together.  I quilted it with Aurifil thread.  For the design, I did a simple diagonal wavy background line, spaced evenly across the top without quilting over the focus items.  When this was done I turned it into a pillow.  I’m hoping to make the other seasonal cats that are in the book.   Do you think there will ever be enough quilting time?

File Apr 26, 12 04 04 PM

Here is the pillow (just about) finished. I still want to add birdie legs and give the bird an eye.  I’m thinking I’ll use a little embroidery for those details.

File Apr 29, 8 25 03 AM