This world rocks!  Do you know why?  There are so many fabulous places you can go, and see, and experience. If you’re looking for a quick escape to blue waters and fabulous Islands – you’re not going to want to miss the Trains, Planes, and Automobile blog hop – booking now and departing soon!

The Island Batik Ambassadors are making a Splash in the Caribbean, exploring exotic Coral Reefs and Crystal Coves, basking in the Tuscany Sun, and planting our umbrellas on the Sea Salt Sandy beaches of the Jersey Shore!  Come with us and enjoy a Sweet Georgia Peach, a juicy Florida Orange, or a bold cup of French Roast. Stay with us and escape to Hollywood Hills and Fire Island. We guarantee you will find an oasis in Desert Rose and clarity in the London Fog on this exciting journey.

This Lavish trip begins on Feb 15th, the Island Batik Ambassadors will be taking you places on the Trains, Planes, and Automobiles blog hop.

Feb 15 – Monday – Caribbean Splash
Feb 16 – Tuesday – London Fog
Feb 17 – Wednesday – French Roasted
Feb 18 – Thursday – Crystal Cove
Feb 19 – Friday – Florida Oranges
Feb 22 – Monday – Coral Reef
Feb 23 – Tuesday – Sweet Georgia Peach
Feb 24 – Wednesday – Hollywood Hills
Feb 25 – Thursday – Desert Rose
Feb 26 – Friday – Sea Salt Sandy
Feb 29 – Monday – Jersey Shore
Mar 1 – Tuesday – Tuscany Sun
Mar 2 – Wednesday – Lavish
Mar 3 – Thursday – Fire Island
Mar 4 – Friday – Tinsel, Holiday Happenings
Let’s go there together!
Booking now and departing soon!