I put away all of the holiday decorations and my kitchen was looking a little bare. I looked through my linen closet for something bright and cheerful to dress up the table, but there was nothing. I have quite a few table runners too, all quilted. I found one for summer, another for 4th of July, two for Fall, and a bunch Christmas. But there was nothing to dress up the January table. Blame it on the rain if you want, but today I wanted to sew something that would make this dreary day feel brighter.

I wanted to use this bundle of Island Batik Lavish fabrics to make a new table runner! Pinterest is my go-to place for inspiration, so I popped “Quilted Table Runner” into the search bar and began searching through the pictures. I was looking for something simple – that would add a punch of color to my kitchen.

I decided on this Vogue Table Runner by Fabric Editions. Jackpot!  I like the simplicity of this design and knew it would showcase the Lavish fabrics that I wanted to work with today.  Plus – the supply list is published and the directions were free for instant download. I printed them off and I was ready to go!

Let’s get started!

Download the Pattern: Vogue Table Runner by Fabric Editions

Fabrics:  The collection I am working with today is the Island Batik Lavish collection by Forth and Sixth Designs. The rich and vibrant colors are perfect for brightening a dreary day.


Threads I am using:
Top: Signature Cotton for piecing. Color – Mother Goose
Bobbin: YLI Variegated 40 Wt Cotton – Color V12 Jewel
Quilting: YLI Brilliance Metallic – Color: Peach


Mother Goose is a good blending color! I use a clamp to secure my large spool holder to my table.

Misc Supplies:
Dritz Spray Adhesive
Silcone Sewing Spray
Air Erasable Marker
Batting (I used Warm and Natural)

The instructions for this project are very clear and easy to follow. After cutting your pieces, you create 4 units.  The strip units each have a large center rectangle with white strips sewn onto the ends. The white end strips will vary in width.


The units sewn in the previous step are then cross-cut into strips.  Each unit will give you 3 strips, they get labeled A thru D.  A forth fabric (light value) provides a repeated element and will be sewn in between each of the strips in the table runner.


The construction method for this project is Quilt-as-you-go. This technique requires you to place your backing fabric face down, layer your batting on that and sew your strips directly to the backing. I used the spray baste to hold these layers together while I work.  I drew guide lines, as the pattern suggests, to keep the strips lined up as you go.  Another line was drawn across the top to use as a guide for aligning the top ends of your strips.


I chose to use YLI Variegated 40Wt cotton thread in the bobbin. In the quilt as you go method, the bobbin thread becomes the quilting. As my background was dark purple, the colors in the Jewel spool blended just right. Sewing went pretty quickly, and in no time at all I was finished with my 18″ x 52″ quilted strip set.

But wait! By now you know I love fancy threads.  So after the quilt-as-you-go strips were sewn to the backing I decided to add a wavy quilting line on each light strip.  This extra quilting was done with YLI Metallic thread. I love this thread but its a little rough to the touch and needs a little TLC.


Tip: I spray the metallic spool of thread lightly with silicone sewing spray. This spray will reduce the friction of the thread going through the fabrics as you sew, resulting in nice stitches and fewer thread breaks.  Make sure to switch to a Metallic needle (the eye is elongated) and slow your speed down. Also be gentle on your turns while you are using metallic thread for quilting, a little TLC is all you need.


Here is the table runner all finished. If I could do one thing different, it would be aligning my strips by the center markings instead of to the left edge as the pattern calls for.  I found that my segments did not align in a straight line that way.  I think if I marked the units with a line through the center and then used that line as I did the quilt-as-you-go method, the segments would align much better.

7LavishDone copy

I’ve already placed it on my kitchen table to brighten up an otherwise dreary afternoon.  This project took a total of about 4 hours, maybe a little bit longer because I kept stopping to take pictures. I think this will also be very pretty in the summertime on the patio table.  Do you think I need to make some placemats now?


Happy Sewing!



Psssttt… this post gives you sneak peek of Island Batik’s new spring line called Lavish.


Look for it in retail Spring 2016!