A Blank Slate

bloghop_favoritesI hope you’ve been enjoying the Island Batik Ambassador Blog Hop! There have been some amazing spaces and great tips shared over that last two weeks.   We’re winding down the Island Tour this week and its my turn to share my quilt space with you.

To begin – My sewing space is in a transitional phase. I moved from NJ to NC a few months ago and I’ve been in a small apartment during this transition. To say the least, I’ve been improvising a lot!

I’ve had my machine setup on the kitchen table and on the coffee table. My cutting mat is on the floor and so is my ironing pad. It’s been a challenge in flexibility and agility to say the least. But all of that is about to change because we closed on a house a few weeks ago and I’ve got a new amazing space to share with you.

20150726_144228Keep in mind that I’ve only just begun to get the boxes unpacked and there is no furniture yet. But I’m sure you’ll see my vision so come on in!

The room has nice built in shelving and some cabinets on both sides. The floor is a very durable blue stained hardwood. I’m excited that I won’t have to worry about jabbing my toes on pins that are buried in carpet. Plus, it reflects that natural light. The window looks out over the backyard, eventually I’ll plant some daisies out there so I can also see my favorite flowers while I work and sew.




Of course, you know that one of the things I love most about quilting is the books! I love books and so that was the first thing I unpacked. After the books were unpacked I started to untangle the threads that I had packed in a box.

2015-07-24 11.44.17

The spool racks are placed on the shelves just out of the direct sunlight.  Got the spool rack setup next~


I don’t have a very big stash. Part of the reason for this is because I purged it when I moved. I donated a few large boxes to a children’s quilting program in the area where I was promised these would go to teach the younger generation the art and love of quilt making. I’ve also signed up to volunteer to teach when I’ve settled in to a new community.


The next thing I unpacked is my Quilt Collection. There are some wonderful shelves on the wall where I can put these. I can reach most of them with a short stepladder. The highest one may just be out of my reach unless I get a taller stepladder.

2015-07-24 11.36.53

I spent some time folding the quilts and placing them on the shelves, with the ones that still need finishing closest to the bottom.


If you turn around there are a few steps that lead up to a door. That door is the attic – its HOT in there so I won’t be using it for storage. However, under the steps is a cool little alcove that can be used to store batting and larger bins of things that I don’t need very often.   There is a railing on the wall that will be coming down so that I can put my design wall there.  Its a pretty good size and should be good for stepping back to evaluate work in progress.


I also have the best job ever!  I’m  a technical writer and software trainer who gets to work from home (for the most part). This means that part of this wonderful space has got to have a desk and a computer for my job. I like that I can finally put quilts in my home office and make it a happy place.

I took the time to draw out a floor plan in the hopes that it will help me stay focused as I get my act together in the new Lemon Tree Snippet studio!


You can see from the floor plan that I’ve drawn up there there 20150726_105338will be plenty of space for a cutting table and ironing pad at the craft table that will go between the book cases on the right side of the room.  The table in this layout is 36 x 48 with a counter height seat. The dimensions could change – we’ll see!  The sewing table (which I do not have yet) will go near the window.  It will have wheels so I can bring it out when I am using it.  (Or take short sewing breaks while I’m working!)


The desk is just enough space to give me room for presenting live webinars and remote training sessions. I may hang a lightweight sheer curtain to cut down on glare, but the room does not get direct sunlight so that might be okay.  Last – in my dream plan I would love to add a comfy chair for finishing those hand bindings or reading the wonderful books.  Somewhere down the road I think this is what Lemon Tree Snippets studio will look like ~


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Happy sewing!



17 thoughts on “A Blank Slate

  1. Oh, your new room looks wonderful! Love the shelving, the windows, the floor, the lighting…It’s a huge job to move, but it will be a lovely place to work!

  2. Your new studio is maevelous, love all those builtins also, your drawings put this into great perspective. I just know you will be happy creating and working in this space

  3. That is a great space! I love all the built-in storage. Looks like you’ve got a good plan on how to use it. You’ll have to post a photo in a few months, after you’re been using it for awhile.

  4. Looking good. The built-ins are wonderful. Just a helpful word to keep the hand rail somewhere you can find it later as it probably was put up because of a building code for safety and you’ll probably have to put it back when you sell; I know hard to think of selling when you are just moving in. Enjoy the new space.

  5. What a gorgeous place to work and create. Love your shelves under the stairs. Your plans sound wonderful, and I know you have to be looking forward to being settled in, in your new office/creative space!

  6. That’s going to be a wonderful sewing room and office! I would love to be able to fit a chair in my sewing room – but I would definitely have to make some changes to accomplish that!

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