I’m working on some quilt blocks and I showed them to a friend who commented that it was “Cool to see the progression from small pieces to finished blocks”.  I thought that was a pretty great response!  It got me thinking about the simplicity of a triangle and how, as quilters, we are able to take simple shapes – with 3 or 4 sides – and turn them into complex compositions.


The block that I’m making here is called Card Basket and I’m using my Island Batik Ambassador Spring/Summer Collection for the focus and accent fabrics, with a black marble batik as the background (The black is not Island Batik).  The pattern is not a new one and the skills needed are advanced but not hard to master.  There are 25 pieces in this block, so you have to be precise. This is one place where precision counts! However, if the pieces are cut accurately and you can sew a straight line, you can make this block.  That makes it a SIMPLEX block.  I thought I just made that word up  (Simplex = Simple + Complex) block, but I looked it up and it is a real word!


Simplex is a noun relating to geometric shapes generalized by the shape of a TRIANGLE and a convex set of vertices with an finite number of segments.  Okay!  That could be quilt related – right?

It makes me smile now because the teachers, well they might have been on to something when they suggested we might need to understand math later!


Think about the math we use in quilting.  Adding the 1/4″ or 7/8″ to our cut pieces so when we sew them they fit precisely. Compounding the measurements to make those segments go together evenly, and making it all lay flat when we’re done.  Quilt math doesn’t intimidate me – I like these numbers!


At any rate, this post is about a progression of shapes. Did you see that along the way? The pictures above show just a snippet of what I’m working on right now. There is more to come, check back soon and see the SIMPLEX PROGRESSION.


Happy Quilting!