Tropical Snow Cones

Summer is just around the corner – I’m thinking snow cones!

Lemon Tree Snippets

I look outside and all I see is a white blanket of snow and gray skies. We’ve all had a little bit more winter than we expected – but it is almost over and things are beginning to warm up. Outside, the ice is melting and there are unexpected signs of spring. Nothing makes me want to do a happy dance more than this bundle of bright batiks fabrics from Island Batiks.

Island Batiks

Just look at these delicious colors! Colors so pure and so beautiful they remind me of snow cones! Tangerine, Lemon, Raspberry, and Mango. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these beauties brightening up my sewing room.


I’m going to start cutting these up over the weekend – I have a plan in mind. I’m thinking it might be a little warmer than a snow cone when its done. Maybe even like a Mango Beach at Midnight. If…

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