Whew!!!    I’m contented to say, with a bit of relief in my breath, that 2014 is over. It was a year full of new and exciting changes, welcome changes – I admit.  Most of the changes came about as a result of the resolution I made one year ago.

Say YES!
to new journeys
to new adventures
to new opportunities
to new beginnings
Just say YES!

I made good on that 2014 promise to myself and saw significant changes along the way. Opening up to new opportunities and challenges forced me to take a serious look at the things that matter. I looked forward and instead of lingering on the things that were not working. I closed doors that were leading to nowhere and I learned, first hand, when one door closes, another one opens.

I begin 2015 with a pretty long list of things I can’t wait to discover! I’m excited to see where the new roads will lead. It doesn’t mean that I will be walking through every open door I stumble upon. But I will be consulting with my inner Buddha more often. I’m going to label 2015 as the year I cultivate my intuition.


The quilt pictured above was a healing quilt I made after the attack on the World Trade Center.  The focus fabric is a CITY SCAPE, you can see pieces of it on the left and right side of the image.  If you look closely at the print you will see doors and windows. It’s graphic and it is symbolic and that is why I’m adding it to this post now.

The quilt was constructed using a deconstruction method called ‘Stack and Whack’.  The finished blocks were stacked, sliced, redistributed, and sewn back together.  The name I gave this quilt is ‘Fractured City’.  It is an alternate representation of a city, a nation, in crisis and represents picking up the shattered pieces and rebuilding.


So! Or should I say SEW?  Where will this rebuilding attitude take my quilting?  What can I get into that will satisfy my craving for something new and exciting? I know this…  I will not be making a point to get organized, finish those unfinished projects, or use up my stash…   No!  Those things don’t really interest me this year. in 2015 I’m looking to satisfy more material needs. (HA! PUN intended!)

To this I simply say “Bring it on!”

Perhaps I’ll start working on that book that I’ve been meaning to write. (No hints!) Maybe I’ll teach some quilting classes in town! I might work on a presentation or a trunk show!  There are no rules so there are no rules to break.

I am going to be bold and daring and push the boundaries!  I’m going to take my quilting in new directions. I’m going to talk to every quilter I meet, ask them quilty questions and listen to their answers. I can’t wait. Bring it on!

Happy stitching!