ProChem MX Fiber Reactive Dyes are on my Christmas List! I hope Santa surprises me with vibrant colors!
What is on your quilty holiday list?

Lemon Tree Snippets

ProChemI love quilt shows, bright colors, and testing new (to-me) products! Last spring when I went to a local quilt show I saw PRO Chemical & Dye Company at the vendor mart  and their vibrant fabrics drew me in! I couldn’t help looking at all of the lovely dyed cotton fibers and thinking there were so many possibilities! Just imagine…

After looking over the basic kits for beginners I decided to try one. I’m always looking for fun things to try and I could picture myself working with these dyes on a bright sunny day – outside in the summertime. I selected the Rainbow Gradation kit. The ProChem rep explained that this kit will produce 30 graduated colors in a rainbow hue – PRISM COLORS – that step down in value with each measured portion.

~ All I needed was the perfect day with warm temperatures and no wind ~

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