Face-off: Critic-vs-Mentor

Picture this: An angel mentor on my right shoulder and a devil mentor on my left side. Both of them are coaching me toward their net, encouraging me to shoot the puck. The angels on my shoulders are my tiny inner quilt coaches. One of them (you decide which one) wants me to follow traditional quilting rules, the other is telling me to toss the … Continue reading Face-off: Critic-vs-Mentor

ProChem MX Fiber Reactive Dyes

Originally posted on Lemon Tree Snippets:
I love quilt shows, bright colors, and testing new (to-me) products! Last spring when I went to a local quilt show I saw PRO Chemical & Dye Company at the vendor mart  and their vibrant fabrics drew me in! I couldn’t help looking at all of the lovely dyed cotton fibers and thinking there were so many possibilities! Just… Continue reading ProChem MX Fiber Reactive Dyes