It’s been about a month since my last blog.  Its been a busy time for me.  I’ve accepted a new job – and moved to NC!  I had to leave my longtime job and SEW MANY friends.  I also left behind my favorite local quilt shops and a longarm teaching job at Olde City Quilts. This all happened very suddenly, and I barely had time to say farewell and pack.  The good news is that I’m finally in my new place, after staying in a hotel for several weeks while looking for a new place to settle down.


Last weekend we moved some furniture (enough to get by) down and of course, my sewing machine was with me on that first trip!  I also packed a few of my favorite quilts, a box of fabric, a few spools of thread, and a UFO.  This, I feel, is enough to keep me quilting while I wait for the real sewing stash to get here.

Here are a few pictures of my new sewing room. I can’t call it a studio yet, because – well – its just a room with four walls and a sewing machine at this point.  I may even have to move the machine to the kitchen table for a little while.  Its okay, I can sit on the air mattress and eat dinner.  I have priorities you know

Whats next?  Quilting, of course!!!

I’ve been looking for a local quilt group and I can’t wait to meet some new quilting friends! I would also love to find somewhere to rent time on a longarm so I can continue to finish my own quilts.

I’ll write a new blog about my quilting adventures soon  – I promise!

Meanwhile, go back to Lemon Tree Snippets and read some old stuff…  its all I have for now.   I promise I’ll be back soon to share my new quilting adventures.

Happy stitching!