The Goldilocks Principle

I started a new commission quilt this weekend. It’s a baby quilt for a friend at work.  The inspiration for the project was Firetrucks (the clients inspiration).  The firetruck theme was his only request, the rest he left up to me.   I searched local quilt shops and didn’t find a fabric that was suitable for my focus theme so I went online and searched.  I … Continue reading The Goldilocks Principle

Giveaway! Sew Steady Seam Guide

Gadgets I love!  I always look for my friends LuAnn and Steve Tippets from Sew Very Smooth when I’m at any quilt show.  Sew Very Smooth is based out of the Pacific NW and introduced the Sew Very Smooth polish kit to use with the Sew Steady Extension Table. I admit one of my all time FAVORITE finds is my Sew Steady extension table that … Continue reading Giveaway! Sew Steady Seam Guide

Trendspotting in NJ

What season is it?  It’s quilt show season – of course!   I attended a great local quilt show this month and have to share some of my fabulous finds and observations! The first weekend in March I made it to The Quilt Fest of New Jersey XI, by Mancuso Show Management. The show was held at Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, NJ 08873. The … Continue reading Trendspotting in NJ

Picking up the Pieces

Last week the east coast got nailed by yet another day of snow. My office was closed and in essence we were snowed in again. By noon I had a pot of soup simmering and a dozen apple cinnamon muffins baked. My work in the kitchen was done for the day and I had time to go down into the sewing room and play. As … Continue reading Picking up the Pieces