Life and Lemons

We had a small unexpected hassle this week in our basement.  With all the snow we’ve had and the warmer temperatures, a few days of snow melt, plus a day of heavy rain – we had some water seeping into the basement.  There is a french drain down there, but to our dismay, the sump pump decided to quit working.  Fortunately,  we caught it before it tipped the scale at major headache.  Life handed us a few little lemons…

2014-02-23 14.22.24

2014-02-23 14.22.55

While my husband ran to the Big Box DIY store for a new sump pump, I got busy with the shop vac, the towels and the mop. It took several hours with a shop vac and quite a few trips hauling a heavy tub up steps to empty it outside, but we finally got the problem under control.

2014-02-23 21.20.50

The only reason I’m sharing the experience here is because my sewing room happens to be in the basement.  I’m fortunate to have half of a very big room to call my studio – and even more fortunate that the side of the room that got wet was NOT the sewing room. Still, we’re trying to dry the rugs out and all of the ‘STUFF’ has been moved from the rec room side to my sewing room side.  And it’s kind of a mess right now.

2014-02-23 14.23.08

Don’t misunderstand me  – I feel lucky that we caught it before it turned into a big hassle.  This, at worst, is just a minor inconvenience – at best, it’s an opportunity to clean house!  That is where the lemonade comes in…  I tried to leave a little bit of work space around the cutting table and sewing machine, but my stash and other goodies are not accessible right now.  I think I’ll take a few days to clean house before diving into a spring quilt project.  So, it looks like I’m turning those lemons into a little lemonade for the next 3 or 4 days, at least until we get the carpet dried and the room put back together again.


6 thoughts on “Life and Lemons

  1. What a bummer! But your attitude is really remarkable… and, for me at least, sometimes I find a few days away from quilting actually spurs creativity. Hopefully, when you can return to your spring projects, you and your basement will be refreshed and ready!

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