This is the time of year I pull out one of my favorite quilts,  Hearts and Kisses. This is the valentine heart quilt  I made a couple of years ago after I won the February Block of the Month blocks at the Moorestown Area Quilters meeting.  The directions to make the heart block were posted in our monthly newsletter and (of course) the colors we were using were Reds and Pinks on White background.

Hearts and Kisses

I loved making my blocks for the drawing.  Each member is permitted to make up to 3 blocks for the monthly drawing.  For this drawing I made 3!   We got one ticket for each block we made.   Sometimes we have a lot of interest in our monthly drawing, and other times there are only a few entries.  This drawing had enough blocks to create this queen size quilt.  I was so excited when they called my number and realized that I was taking home these wonderful blocks made by my guild friends.

I tried a few different layouts when I was trying to decide how to assemble the blocks.  I really wasn’t thrilled with the straight line layout.  It seemed a little too simple.  I remember laying them out, rearranging them, moving them, and making colorful little drawings to help decide how to put them together.

hearts close up

Finally, I placed them in pairs with points facing each other .   When I added another pair at right angle to the first pair I saw the X.   It made me think of signing a card with X’s and O’s and right away I thought “Hearts and Kisses”. The name stuck.

postage stamp heart crop

I filled in the spaces around the heart blocks with scraps of pink and red squares and rectangles and fell in love!  I machine quilted it on my Viking.  It was tricky moving such a large quilt in such a small throat space, but not impossible.  You can see from the picture that it is heavily quilted in a free-motion doodle flower design. That is one of the things that make this quilt feel so snugly.  I take this quilt out every year in February and snuggle under it. It will always be one of my personal favorite quilts.

Happy Quilting!