In January I made a promise to myself to put FUN back in my life. To PLAY more with the things that I love and to find CREATIVE ways stimulate my mind. I haven’t forgotten this resolution. I’ve opened my mind and it has me seeing things (all things) in new and exciting ways.

I’ve begun to look around me again, and I’m noticing things that I was blind to before. Color is unavoidable – we look right past it. We often don’t pay any attention to its. But it deserves to be noticed and is due for a wake-up call.  Even though it is winter I am beginning to see colors in a new and exciting way.

orange winter

My favorite color is (and always has been) ORANGE. On the color wheel, it sits right between RED and YELLOW.  Red for Power and Passion makes me think of love and harmony. Yellow for Honesty and Trust, reminds me of a true friend who might have a Heart of Gold!  Between these colors is ORANGE.


Orange is full of energy, enthusiasm, warmth, and happiness.  It is a juicy color, like a peach or a mango. By changing the saturation and the intensity we can wake it up – make it uninhibited and extroverted.   When we tone it down and it becomes earthy and sensual – as in the colors of SAFFRON and BRANDY – both aromatic and stimulating.


Not surprisingly, ORANGE is used liberally in advertisements and packaging for food because it stimulates our appetite and produces adrenaline.  Orange is the color of safety. Hunters wear it and drivers yield to it.


A word of caution: Using orange in quilts is RISKY and ADVENTUROUS. We use it sparingly because too much might be flamboyant and risqué and distract from the other details.


Orange shouldn’t always be the center of attention. (The Bronco’s are proving that true as I write this post). This Superbowl game gave new meaning to the phrase ‘Orange Crush’.


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What is your favorite color and what does it mean to you?

Happy Quilting!