Juggle BallsI love reading quilt blogs!  There are so many creative quilters out there who are sharing great experiences and knowledge.  Sometimes, I get lost in all of the blogs I read. One leads to another, and then another. I love them all and I just want to keep reading.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not lost in the sense that I can’t find myself – but lost in the sense that it seems like I will never have enough time to make all of the quilts and other textile projects that I bookmark, pin, and tweet about.   There just isn’t enough time for that.

I’m trying to get my projects in order by keeping a list of things I want to make.   I wish there was more time in the day.  The truth is – I’m busy.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at work and need a time out.  I’m working a full time job, trying to advance my career into marketing communications, technical writing, and data analytics. Sometimes, I think the best path for me would be to COMBINE these passions with quilting.  A little easier said than done, I think, but I’ll keep trying to do that. Back to getting lost.

There is sew much to do
sew little time…

A couple of weeks ago I found a white board in my studio. When I was Longarm Quilting I used it to schedule clients and quilt projects into my studio time.  Resource allocation is a simple, yet essential aspect of successful project management. I am great at estimating how long each project will take, so this helped me to use my time and resources in the best way.  This is a timely find as I am struggling to find time for creativity in my life.

It seems that I’m better at managing my time when I keep to some sort of schedule. I’m thinking maybe I can schedule in some time to read and write blog posts, catch up on the latest and greatest pins over on Pinterest, and work on my UFO list.  I’m sure that setting aside this ‘me time’ will make be a better ‘Task Juggler’.

I’m a Task Juggler!

I realize that creative play makes me happy.  My kids are grown now, but when they were younger I encouraged them to be creative, to pretend, explore and use their imaginations.  I think its time I took my own advice.  I’m not a kid anymore – not by a long shot, but I still enjoy my playtime.  I think the more fun I have in the process of creating a project – the happier I am with the end result.


So from here on out I am going to add some non-negotiable me-time into my schedule. Even though I will still be a ‘Task Juggler’ I know that having built in time to let my inner child out to play to will help me decompress and reduce other work related stress.

Happy Quilting!