A Day with Ricky Tims

Yesterday I had the opportunity and pleasure of attending a full day workshop, lunch, and lecture with award winning quilter Ricky Tims. The seminar was hosted by Rob and Judy Engime of Olde City Quilts and was held in the conference hall in the Scarborough Hall at Doane Academy in Burlington NJ.  I spent the day in a rustic room overlooking the Delaware River and … Continue reading A Day with Ricky Tims

Sew much to do – Sew little time…

I love reading quilt blogs!  There are so many creative quilters out there who are sharing great experiences and knowledge.  Sometimes, I get lost in all of the blogs I read. One leads to another, and then another. I love them all and I just want to keep reading.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not lost in the sense that I can’t find myself – … Continue reading Sew much to do – Sew little time…

I’ve Been Bit by the Beading Bug

I’ve been bit by the beading bug. I love to use beads, bugles and bangles on my quilts.    Sometimes I find myself at quilt shows hovering over baskets of beads at the vendor booths. I usually don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, and I don’t normally know exactly how I’ll use them once I bring them home.  I just know that I love them … Continue reading I’ve Been Bit by the Beading Bug

No Strings Attached

Its New Years Day 2014.  I’m feeling quite lazy today, yet motivated.  Is that a contradiction in terms?  Not too long ago I took a pile of black, white, red, and gray scraps from my stash and cut them into random width strips.  I filled a bin with these scraps and put them away for later. I want to use them up this year so … Continue reading No Strings Attached